About the Project

Moravian Soundscapes is a digital companion project to the book, Moravian Soundscapes: A Sonic History of the Moravian Missions in Early Pennsylvania (Indiana University Press, print and e-book formats).

The project documents and reconstructs the soundscapes of eighteenth-century Moravian communities in eastern Pennsylvania through maps, archival materials, pictures, and sound recordings.

If you are reading Moravian Soundscapes and want to follow along with the book's narrative, simply navigate through the website using the chapter tabs or the site map. You can also chart your own pathway through the website using the site map as a guide.

Site Map




1. Timeline: “Moravian Missions in North America, 1740–1794”

2. Static Map: “The Moravian Atlantic”

3. Map Collection: “Mapping Pennsylvania”

4. Picture Collection: “Modern-Day Pictures”

5. Interactive Sound Map: “Moravian Soundscapes”


Chapter 1: "Penn's Woods"

1. Static Map: “Early Moravian Missions in Pennsylvania and Ohio”

2. Interactive Map: “The Pennsylvania Frontier”

3. Interactive Sound Map: “The Great Shamokin Path”

4. Timeline: “Zinzendorf’s Pennsylvania Journey”

5. Interactive Sound Map: “Zinzendorf’s Journey to Shamokin and Wyoming”


Chapter 2: "Friends & Strangers"

1. Interactive Sound Map: “Bethlehem in 1758”

2. Interactive and Static Maps: “Sound Boundaries of Bethlehem”


Chapter 3: "Sound & Spirit"

1. Sound Recordings: “Mohican-Moravian Singstunde

2. Soundscape Recording: “Gnadenhütten, Pennsylvania”

3. Interactive Map: “Spiritual Singing in Bethlehem”


Chapter 4: "1782"

1. Interactive Map: “The Pennsylvania Frontier”

2. Interactive Sound Map: “Journeys of the Native Gemeine, 1763–1772”

3. Interactive Map: “The Journey of the Native Gemeine from Friedenshütten II to Friedenstadt”

4. Static Map: “The Ohio Country, 1782”

5. Historic Document and Map Collection: “Ohio”


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