Bethlehem in 1758

The sound map, "Bethlehem in 1758," contains ten soundscapes representing daily social life in Bethlehem. Three red mapping points lead to soundscapes representing work life in Bethlehem's Industrial Quarter: Blacksmith, Old Water Works, Grist Mill. Four blue mapping points lead to soundscapes representing Moravian social life in the communal choir houses: Gemeinhaus Common Area, Common Area, Nursing/Married Womens' House, and Gemeinhaus. Three purple mapping points lead to soundscapes representing the margins and edges of Moravian communal society: Indian Hotel, Ford of the Lehigh River, and the Strangers' Store. Green mapping points represent buildings and spaces present in Bethlehem 1758 at the apex of the Economy and choir system. Many of the soundscapes contain Moravian hymns, representing the omnipresence of hymn singing in daily life. The Gemeinhaus soundscape also contains a spoken-word recording of a Moravian sermon on the spiritual purposes of singing.

Zoom out to view locations outside of Bethlehem, including Nazareth and Burnside Plantation.