Sound Extent Including Physical Landscape

In this map, the initial decibel levels of the original sound sources (blacksmith Philip Trabel working in the Blacksmith's shop, and singing in the buildings of the Gemeinhaus complex), are displayed in the centers of the light blue circles. Using a modified SPreAD model based on historical data of the community layout from the basemap (Georg Golkowski, “Map of Farm Lands and Property Surrounding Bethlehem as well as the Town [1758]"), the following circles represent varying distances of 10 feet to 1,500 feet from the sound source, as well as the extent of sound decay from the original source. For instance, the sound source of the Blacksmith's shop has an original decibel reading of 74dB. The sound then decays (or gets softer) as it moves across the space. At 1,500ft away from the Blacksmith's shop, the sound reaches near inaudible levels.

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